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Hunting Reserve

Hunting Reserve in Tuscany

The Hunting Reserve Le Corniole is located in the village of Civitella in Val di Chiana (AR), nestled in the green hills of Tuscany. It covers an area stretching over 100 hectares of hilly landscape rich in varied vegetation, such as olive trees, oak, chestnut and fruit trees. Indeed, the Tuscan hunting tradition traces its origins in the foothills of the Tuscan Appenines, coming together with the art of wine, good food and popular traditions.

Surrounded by nature, the typical Tuscan farmhouse is ready to welcome guests for refreshment after a long day of hunting, ensuring optimal stays all year round. The strategic location in the Chianti area is close to the main art cities of Tuscany - Arezzo, Cortona, Florence, Siena.

Within the Reserve there are native animals such as pheasants, partridges, ptarmigans and quails. Bird hunting is allowed all year round thanks to our area dedicated to training dogs. The high number of wild boar in the surrounding territory offer hunting enthusiasts the opportunity to hunt wild boars from shooting house with carbine or bow from February/March to the end of September. Moreover, it is also possible to hunt roe deers from shooting hourse in the period allowed by the hunting calendar.

Hunting Packages

On request we can arrange:

  • Bird Hunting - pheasants, gray partridges, quails. The release of five heads in addition to the natural population of the reserve is included
  • Wild boar hunting, from shooting house with carbine or bow.
  • Roe deer hunting, from shooting house with carbine or bow
  • Fishing - Black Bass, Carp and Eel
  • Truffle Hunting with guide and dog

The whole area is fully available to guests, from sunrise to sunset. 

On request it is possible to rent compound bows, shotguns and dogs - Breton, Setter.

Before hunting there is a special breakfast offered, with sausages, bacon and wine; a tasty and warm prelude to a special hunting day.


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